Project Management and Coordination

 Development of Methods and Models, Research  
  • Navigation
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Cooperative systems (vehicle to vehicle - V2V, vehicle to infrastructure - V2I)
 Software Development  
  • Planning, design, programming, test and implementation of traffic software
  • General user interfaces (GUI)
  • Data communication, software interfaces
  • Data base design and data base administration
  • Operation surveillance
  • Web services
  • Traffic management plans (TMPs), network control
  • System analyses, cost-benefit-analyses
  • Call for tenders for traffic control centres and traffic control systems
  • Data preparation, data validation and data consolidation
  • Traffic data analysis, time-variatiable traffic flow curve, cluster analysis
  • Special analyses with in-house tools
  • Evaluation of traffic impacts and environmental affects
  • Offset optimisation for traffic signal control/progressive signal systems
 Planning and Execution of Field Tests  
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