Traffic surveys (traffic detection, traffic census and traffic interviews)

determination of the basis for traffic analyses

 Traffic demand analyses und prognoses  


 Large-scaled traffic analyses and traffic expert opinions  

regional and supra-regional

 Planning, simulation and evaluation of alignment variants  

e.g. by-passes

 Microscopic traffic simulations

visualisation of traffic flow at junctions, links and spatially limited road networks (e.g. proof of capability, coordination of traffic signals, ramp metering, comparison of variants)

 Macroscopic traffic simulations  

estimation of traffic volume on road networks (e.g. analyses of route-choice behaviour, changes for prognose-cases, comparison of variants)

 Planning of traffic developments  

in the framework of development plans and analyses of the compatibility with new traffic

 Capability analyses of roads and junctions  
 Planning of road transport facilities  

e.g. links, junctions, roundabouts, parking lots and multi-storey car parks

 Concepts for public transport  

for bus, tram and train

 Analyses of effetcs and sensitivity analyses  

for traffic problems

 Common consultancy for traffic planning and technology  

analyses, expert opinions and presentations for other faculties like architecture, landscaping, urban planning, environment, tourism and freight transport

 Use of efficient software for project work  

ArcView, ArcMap, AIMSUN, AMBOS, LOTRAN, NETRAN, AutoCAD, VISUM, VISEM, VISSIM, Knobel, Ampel, common office software, data base systems, etc.

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