Project Management and Coordination

 Development of Methods and Models, Research  
  • Development of traffic models
  • Development of methods for traffic state reconstruction and prognosis (fusion of traffic data from different sources, e.g. of data from stationary and mobile detectors)
  • Development of adaptive traffic control algorithms
  • Developments of methods for evaluation and optimisation
 Software Development  
  • Planning, design, programming, test and implementation of traffic software
  • General user interfaces (GUI)
  • Data communication, software interfaces
  • Data base design and data base administration
  • Operation surveillance
  • Web services
 Consulting / Quality Assurance  
  • Test, acceptance and evaluation of detectors (incl. video detectors)
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of line control systems (LCS)
  • Evaluation of traffic messages
  • Queue analyses
 Planning and Execution of Field Tests  
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