Study on ITS Design for Jeddah Second Ring Expressway and Jeddah Middle Ring Road

TRANSVER has been assigned as sub-contractor of Euroconsult with a “Study on ITS Design for Jeddah Second Ring Expressway and Jeddah Middle Ring Road”.

The consulting and planning services on ITS aim to achieve an optimal solution for the Client by applying a well-proven methodology which splits up the overall consulting work in four distinct phases:

  • Phase A: Identification of user needs and system requirements
  • Phase B: Definition of suitable ITS measures
  • Phase C: Conceptual ITS design

The needs assessment in phase A consists of a comprehensive analysis of specific user needs by taking into consideration objectives and wishes of different stakeholders and local characteristics and specifications (e.g. systematic traffic problems, accident black spots, etc.) leading to a suggestion of efficient ITS solutions within phase B.

Phase B will provide the Client with an overview of suitable ITS measures for specific requirements including an overview over possible chances and challenges of proposed ITS measures.
In phase C the conceptual design of selected ITS measures will be developed.



CEDR UNIETD – quality assessment of traffic data derived from mobile devices

The quantity and quality of traffic data and information derived from mobile devices are rapidly increasing during the last years. Road administrations from all over Europe are now facing the question whether to build and operate their own detection infrastructure, to buy external traffic data or information or both for transport management or planning purposes. To be able to make decisions about the ways and sources of data procurement, the administrations need to have detailed knowledge of the third party traffic data and information services that are available on the market.

Aiming to support the administrations in their decisions, a consortium consisting of Mott MacDonald, nast consulting, University of Leeds and TRANSVER has been assigned by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) with the project “Understanding New and Improving Existing Traffic Data” (UNIETD). Based on many projects for service providers, car manufacturers and road administrations, TRANSVER has a wide knowledge and practical experience in the field of quality assessment of traffic data and information.

Objectives of the UNIETD project are:

  • to create an overview of available third party traffic data and information services in the CEDR member countries,
  • to compile a toolkit of existing (e.g. Q-bench, QKZ, QFCD, SIMPE, TTD Index) and new/improved methodologies that enables the administrations to efficiently check the quality of traffic data and information mainly derived from mobile devices and
  • to initially check the quality of such traffic data and information for selected CEDR member countries and third party services by use of this toolkit.




EU FP7 project Local4Global started in October 2013. It is a 36 month lasting project funded by the European Commission in the area of Advanced Computing, Embedded and Control Systems.

The objective of Local4Global is to develop, test and evaluate a generic and fully-functional methodology for controlling Technological System of Systems (TSoS) with autonomous constituent systems reacting and interacting depending only on their local environment optimizing the emerging TSoS performance on a global level.

TRANSVER is in charge of implementing the Local4Global optimization strategies in a traffic use case. Secondly, the control of cooperative vehicles in the test bed is realized by setting up a communication between traffic control facilities and cooperative vehicles. For implementing and evaluating the Local4Global System in the traffic environment, a road stretch of the federal road B13 in the north of Munich was selected. The project’s website is:



GET Service

The kick-off of GET Service was in October 2012 in Eindhoven. It is a 36 month lasting Framework 7 Project funded by the European Commission in the area of logistics, transportation and ICT. The GET Service platform provides transportation planners with the means to plan transportation routes more efficiently and to respond quickly to unexpected events during transportation. To this end, it connects to existing transportation management systems and improves on their performance by enabling sharing of selected information between transportation partners, logistics service providers and authorities.

TRANSVER GmbH is responsible for the evaluation and provides its transportation expertise. The project’s website is:



Strategic cooperation with TÜV SÜD

TRANSVER now cooperates with the multinational technical service provider TÜV SÜD, aiming to provide services in the fields of transport planning, traffic management and consultancy on ITS globally. For detailed information on our expertise, related references and further information concerning the cooperation TÜV SÜD – TRANSVER please visit



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